Datto San Diego Planitdr

20 Jun 2019

Just got back from awesome Dattocon19 in San Diego!


This is always a well-put together event, Snoop Dogg showed up at 8:30a to start the sessions off and the final night we were able to eat and listen to live music on the U.S.S. Midway!

PlanITDR was well represented in our lounge outside of the grand meeting room. We talked to over 150 individuals (probably more than that, but that’s how many business cards we received). One person handed me his AmEx in the middle of the demo!

Really looking forward to onboarding many of the people we spoke to soon. We’re revving our demo engine up, and looking to partner with a marketing firm to help educate our potential leads. Lots of interest at the top of the funnel, just need to get tghem to take that leap of faith and join the family.

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