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03 Jul 2020

It's been awhile!

Yep, looks like it has been nine months since my last post. Been unltra busy with work, then working at whatever at the start of the quarantine to keep the lights on, and now finally catching a break in the summer months.

So what have I been up to since last? API work, lots and lots of API work.


Check out my fun project of working on a Mars Dashboard Case Study. It combines API calls to two NASA endpoints (Mars Rover Photos and InSight: Mars Weather Service), mashes them together, stores everything on AWS before presenting it on my Rezenent company website.

I’m pretty proud of that.

Another example I am presently working on is a pass-thru API system sitting in front of Smartsheets (like the screenshot above).

This project allows my client to add their customers to the API with their customer’s Smartsheets API key. I then query all the customers’ sheets and store the IDs of the specific sheets I need for the API queries. Once my client queries the API endpoint, the relay API call is executed, the data returned, transformed, and then presented back to my client as json. My client only has to know the Smartsheets token, and the API portal does the rest.

Pretty meta.

I love API work, and am super surprised that more developers aren’t doing it.

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